Frequently Asked Questions

General Information About ASPN Pharmacies

ASPN Pharmacies partners with certain pharmaceutical manufacturers to streamline the prescription process in order to help patients get access to their medication. We work closely with prescribers and insurance companies to verify patient benefits and research all alternative assistance options for the prescribed medication or device. Then our team facilitates quick and timely fulfillment of prescriptions through our national network of pharmacies.

Prescribers can create an account here. If you need help creating an account please watch the video here or call us at 866-312-0393 or contact us.

ASPN Pharmacies receives prescriptions directly from prescribers, so that we can help patients secure insurance coverage, obtain all available discounts, and overcome any other barriers to treatment.

If you are a patient, your doctor sent your prescription to ASPN Pharmacies to ensure you receive the best price for your medication and can begin therapy without delay. Your doctor chose ASPN Pharmacies because we will support you to explore all possible coverage opportunities, including assisting you with any required prior authorizations, as well as identifying any patient assistance programs (PAPs) or other financial assistance available to you.

In order to protect your privacy and comply with pharmacy regulations, ASPN Pharmacies is required to verify personal information with every patient before we can disclose information about a prescription.

Once our team has secured insurance coverage and all available discounts, we will send the prescription to the patient’s preferred local pharmacy for pick-up or to a pharmacy within our national network for easy home delivery.

If you are a patient, our team will contact you by phone to verify your information and delivery preferences. Note that if your insurance mandates fulfillment of your prescription by a specific specialty pharmacy, we will coordinate delivery directly to your home.

Yes, you can access the ASPN Pharmacies website on your mobile devices or tablet.

Providing you with fast, excellent service is our top priority. Our team works diligently to get every prescription to the patient as soon as possible. The timeline may vary depending on the product and patient’s insurance coverage.

Patients may opt-in to receive text updates through SMS to track your prescription status. To sign up for text alerts contact us or reply “YES” to the initial text message opt-in you receive for your prescription.

Patients must call ASPN Pharmacies for refills, if the prescription was assigned to a pharmacy within our national network. You may also contact the local or mail-order pharmacy that originally filled your prescription to request a refill.

The final decision about whether to cover a specific medication is made by the patient’s health plan. However, our team of insurance experts specialize in securing coverage (including assistance with prior authorizations and appeals). In addition to exhausting the patient’s insurance benefits, our team will research all available assistance options available, such as patient assistance programs or other financial assistance options.

The phone number displayed for ASPN Pharmacies can vary based on your telephone carrier. It may display as ASPN Pharmacies, Asembia, or numerically display the phone number for your ASPN Pharmacies Patient Support Program.

ASPN Pharmacies partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers to give patients access to select products and ensure that all eligible patients benefit from available patient assistance programs and other financial assistance. Because our patient support programs are product-specific, we are unable to accept prescriptions for products not included in our programs. For more information about supported products, contact us.

Prescribers may send an electronic or fax prescription to ASPN Pharmacies for select drugs and devices. Prescribers can search for ASPN Pharmacies on their EMR system or you can contact us for the appropriate fax number.

ASPN Pharmacies, LLC
290 West Mount Pleasant Ave
Building 2, 4th Floor, Suite 4210
Livingston, NJ 07039
NPI: 1538590690
DEA: FA7460291
NCPDP (formerly NABP): 3147863

Our patient support team will reach out by phone and/or text message to notify patients that ASPN Pharmacies has received their prescription. Patients may also receive text message updates about their prescription status (if they have opted in to receive text alerts). After coverage has been secured, we also contact patients by phone or text to schedule prescription delivery or pick up.

ASPN Pharmacies ensures that patients receive the medication they need quickly and at the lowest possible cost. Our expert patient support professionals, advanced technology platform, and partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers allow ASPN Pharmacies to streamline the prescription process for both prescribers and patients.

ASPN Pharmacies has enabled the Surescripts message types Renewal (RENEW) and Rx Change (RXCHG) that allow the pharmacy to send a message electronically to a prescriber to request authorization to renew or make a change to a prescription. This is a feature that is part of a new version of the electronic prescribing standard created by NCPDP. Reach out to your e-prescribing/EHR software vendor for information with respect to the NCPDP SCRIPT 2017071 implementation/certification and ask if their software supports the Renewal and Rx Change transaction.

Help Logging In

Ensure you are using a compatible browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not supported.

Have you received an email from to confirm your email? If not, click here.

Are you registered as an account user for ASPN Pharmacies website? If not, please click here.

Please go to the Forgot Password page and enter your email address.

Lock out time is only 5 minutes.

Patient Portal / Patient View

Patients may opt-in to receive text updates through SMS to track your prescription status. To sign up for text alerts contact us or reply “YES” to the initial text message opt-in you receive for your prescription.

If you are a patient, you can opt-in to receive text message updates in two ways:

  1. TEXT: Reply to the initial text message you receive about your prescription. This message will be sent to the cell phone number provided by your prescriber.
  2. PHONE: Give us your verbal permission to receive text messages over the phone. You can do this when we call to verify your information or contact us and one of our team members will call you to sign you up.

To opt out of text messaging, reply with STOP or contact us.

Prescriber Verification

To ensure patient privacy and the security of our prescriber services, ASPN Pharmacies validates the identity of all prescribers who access our website. If the account is created by a prescriber’s designate, the verification of the prescriber permit the user to view all activities associated with the verified prescriber’s NPI. This is a simple online process and takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and is repeated annually for each prescriber.

Are you registered/verified? If not, go to your Dashboard page and follow the prescriber verification prompts.

Is the prescriber consent form signed? If not, go to your Dashboard page and follow the prompts.

Yes, if the provider has a different office user at each location.

Verification will require renewal every 365 days from date of last verification per prescriber.

This is required to provide services for the prescription.

Please note, the verified user or prescriber may sign the prescriber consent and the prescriber consent is at an NPI level and only needs to be signed once across all users.

Please ensure you are not using Internet Explorer and that all popup blockers are disabled. If you’re still having an issue, contact us.

The information for the prescriber verification questions is pulled from State and Federal prescriber license databases. Please contact us to help correct this issue.

Missing Information

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Website Navigation

In some cases, pertinent information may be missing from documentation we have received. We then require a prescriber’s office to provide missing information about a prescription before it can be filled. Prescribers can log in to the ASPN Pharmacies website to provide clarifications digitally and review documents available to ASPN Pharmacies, or go directly to the Rx Clarification page if already logged in. Information submitted through the website will be received by ASPN Pharmacies instantaneously, so that we can proceed with the patient’s prescription.

Yes, prescribers may designate a staff member to manage prescriptions on their behalf (or on behalf of multiple prescribers in the same office). It is not required for each prescriber to have a log in if an office designee is handling all prescriptions for the office. Once a user account is created, multiple prescribers can be added to the user’s profile. The user will only have access to view records and act on behalf of those prescribers that have been verified.

Prescribers or their authorized representatives can log into the ASPN Pharmacies website to view real-time updates for all their prescriptions that were submitted to ASPN Pharmacies. The prescription status may be viewed under the Rx Status tab.

The user will be timed out after 15 minutes from the last page load to protect patient health information (PHI).

Please fax the prior authorization approval or denial letter to your program specific fax to have the prior authorization status updated or, you may contact us to get the prior authorization task removed.

Please ensure your document is in PDF format and the file size is less than 300 MB. If your document fits the criteria it may have failed a virus scan. Please contact us if you still need assistance for uploading additional documentation.

The universal ID (UID) may be shared with your sales representative, so they may communicate with ASPN Pharmacies.

My Profile Support

Your password and email can be changed from the My Profile page.

Prescriber Key Code

This 6-digit alpha numeric code provides access to a single Prior Authorization (PA) or Rx Clarification (RXC) task. To gain further information on these tasks, an ASPN Pharmacies account must be created by clicking here.

This code is included in fax and email notifications sent to the prescriber. To gain further information on these tasks, an ASPN Pharmacies account must be created by clicking here.

Users who are not yet verified or do not want to set up an ASPN Pharmacies account.

Yes, after 10 days or upon completion of the task.

ASPN Pharmacies can reissue a code, if needed please contact us and send us a message with the expired key code.

Contact us and a representative will contact you for further assistance.